Our Approach

The City Partnership Model is Unique

When you partner with City, we become part of your business, rather than just an extension of it. We focus on building an authentic partnership that provides long-term benefits for your business.

Through our operational and commercial model, we work across all facets of your business, driving innovation and transformation, delivering efficiency and savings, while ensuring quality and compliance.

City’s Partnership Model offers a new way of doing business that ensures that 100% of savings and operational benefits are realised by our partners.

City’s Guiding Principles

Our approach rests on six guiding principles that make up the City way of doing business.

Quality First, Safety Always

The right mix of cost and service is delivered within a mutually agreed budget, without compromising quality or safety

Reducing costs doesn’t mean reducing quality or safety. At City, we work with our partners to ensure service standards remain high across all aspects of facilities management while delivering those services within an agreed budget.

Cost Certainty

An absolute commitment to your budget, creating a new level of cost certainty

At City, we put our money where our mouth is. Our commitment to our partners is that we will never exceed the allocated budget, and if we do, we’ll wear the cost. Our custom processes ensure effective cost outcomes for our partners every time, so you can rest assured you won’t spend more than expected.

Handback for Growth

If we underspend, any savings are for you to reinvest into your growing business

City aligns its success with the success of its partners – our savings are your savings; your growth is our growth. We are driven to build long-term financial success for our partners, so they can continue growing their business, which is why any savings we make are handed back for future growth.

Radical Transparency

Everything we can see, you can see

City’s systems, tools and applications are designed to give our partners full visibility across all aspects of their business operations, from financials to asset management, contractor reports to energy consumption. Partners can generate their own reports, tailoring the parameters to suit their needs.

Enhanced Performance

Better performance, through better processes and better people

City comprises an experienced team of industry leaders that are consistently striving to create optimised processes that improve performance. This allows us to achieve revolutionary results for our partners and apply long-terms solutions that facilitate continued success.

Consistent Innovation

Constant investment in world-leading technology, delivering a new standard of service

Innovation is at the forefront of City’s approach to facilities management and sees us consistently creating automated solutions to everyday challenges. Our inhouse team comprises of more than 40 developers, who create custom applications for our partners, saving them significant amounts of time and money.