Our Story

City provides innovative facilities management solutions that ensure successful, long-term outcomes for its partners.

The City story began when Willie and Susan Haughey were inspired to make a positive change to the facilities management industry, establishing City Refrigeration Holdings (UK) Ltd in 1985.

Willie and Susan founded their new enterprise on the values of collaboration and transparency, replacing traditional client-contractor relationships with long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships. Under this innovative model, each partner receives a unique strategy, shaped by the needs of their business and implemented by a bespoke, self-delivered model that provides an unparalleled commitment to safety, quality and value.

This ground-breaking approach has allowed City to grow from its humble beginnings into one of the world’s largest privately-owned facilities management companies. We now employ more than 13,000 people, with divisions across four continents.

Over the years, City has strengthened initial partnerships with leading retailers worldwide including Walmart, ASDA, Coles, Target, Dairy Farm and 7-Eleven, while also welcoming new partners in other sectors.

Our growing business now provides the full suite of facilities management services, with proven expertise in maintenance, end-to-end engineering, technical procurement and project management, energy efficiency and sustainability, cleaning and ancillary services, and IT support and development. As a result, our team of specialists is held in high regard across a number of sectors, including retail.

Now more than three decades into our story, we remain committed to our core values. We’re proud of our history and the way we’ve shaped the growth of the facilities management industry. Our proven track record for building authentic partnerships means we’re perfectly positioned to meet the evolving demands of today’s competitive marketplace.